The way Emmanuelle Castellan uses painting is neither abstract nor representational. She conceives the subject beyond the picture’s physical limits, thus leading to a decentred representation, to an overflow of paint onto the walls, to cuts and cut-outs in the canvas as an extension of the painting to a meditative and mental dimension. Her paintings evolves from concrete images, wich imply the studio, the body and the hand. Preliminary sketches help her to define the degree of disappearance or distillation of the primal narrative. Once the painting is finished, often only scraps are left. Her work is very close to that of a choreographer, it determines off-centre, “anti-heroic” gestures. In this process, she explores the duality between deletion and emergence.

Emmanuelle Castellan currently lives in Berlin. Among her recents exhibitions, she participated at All-In, l’oiseau présente, curated by Anke Völk, Cubiculum, Berlin, 2019 ; Phototropia, curated by Nadia Lichtig, Maison Heidelberg, Montpellier, 2018 ; Whisky et Tabou, curator Joël Riff, Musée Estrine, Saint Rémy de Provence, 2017 ; Museum Langmatt, curator Markus Stegmann, Baden, ch, 2016 ; le bleu de la nuit, curator Niels Trannois, CCA Andratx, Majorca, 2016 ; Dévider le réel, Museum les Abattoirs, Toulouse, 2016. Her solo exhibitions include Reisen im Raum, Kurt-Kurt, Berlin, 2018 ; homo sylvestris, URDLA, Villeurbanne, 2017 ; the invisible rythm of a change, Manière Noire gallery, Berlin, 2015 ; « Endless Eyes », DMNDKT, Berlin, 2014 ; « as I was going along », La Galerie, Contemporary Art Center, Noisy-le-Sec, 2012 .